My new acquisition  ̄ ∇  ̄♡ 

My new acquisition  ̄ ∇  ̄→


My siblings and I are anime/manga/videogame fans (…otaku, to sum up); my sister in particular blames me for getting her interested in ball-jointed dolls, which can be a very expensive hobby… even though she’s always liked collecting figurines, gashapon and PVC statues. And that explains, I…

Yeah, I’m her sister. 


My first (and only) tiny BJD, Yzak, a Fantasy Doll Glen. My sister asked me to take some pics of her Shingeki no Kyoujin mangas, but since I had the camera and I was yet to show off my little resin person…

Curiously (but fortunately) enough as well, my dog has never shown any kind of interest in my dolls, even though he did chew on some props I’d bought for my resin crew.

OhHYEAAAH! My Shingeki no Kyojin manga collection! At last! LEVI! RIVAILLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!